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All our tours includes free cold drinks: beer, sodas, water, a/c van up to 12 passengers max, not older then 4 years, microphone system, full English speaking certified tour guide, and lots of fun. We guaranteed that you will have the best time ever in Los Cabos.

Thank you for visiting this web site, we hope that we can fulfit your expectations on transportations needs, S.T.T. (Service in Tours and ground Transportation Company) was founded to establish a reputation as one of the best tour company  in 1998 here in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, since then our main concern was to provide the best professional service and the only way to do that it is with full bilingual certified tour guides, which by the way all of our guides are proudly members of  the SINAL (national tour guides association).

We would like to give you some important information regarding tours in Mexico, and in particularly in Los Cabos:

            -In Mexico, the Federal Communication Department (S.C.T), authorizes, supervises and verified all the documents, insurance, car mechanical conditions (a/c, stereo music, cars not older than 9 years), permits and driver’s license who do tours (every 2 years the drivers have to renovates their license  thru a process which includes medical, height blood pressure, hart conditions, diabetes, psychology, alcohol and illegal drugs test, etc and teorical test), so take a note that the motor vehicle most has the following car plates like this one

-In Mexico, the Federal Tourism Department (SECTUR), authorizes, supervises and regulates all the certified tour guides. In order to get the certification, the tour guides most have at least Junior College Education Diploma, complete 360 hrs curses (history, legal, architecture, human relations, etc) and be at least 80% bilingual (in another language different than Spanish). Once the tour guides gets their certification, every 4 years they have to renovate it, taking 160 hrs on training courses, and the certification Id most be like this one:

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Now you know some important information about the regulations that Mexico has to protect the tourist industry, the 3rd big industry in Mexico.

All tour companies always guaranteed “… money back in case that you are not satisfied…”, but who can refund your time back in Los Cabos? No one can, your time is PRICESLESS, and we know it.

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